Discover 10 courses for game fanatics

Discover 10 courses for game fanatics

April 15, 2021 12:00 AM

                                "Playing video games is not going to get you anywhere!" Will it be?

Fanatics for LoL, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Fifa, Mario Bros and so many other games can turn this passion into a profession that involves games, whether in development, animation or marketing.

As the quarantine lengthens, keeping people at home has increasingly become a cause for concern for the businesses of most industries. But not for everyone.

A large number of open positions, competitive salaries and opportunities for professional advancement. All of this is associated with relative stability, as the sector remains heated even in the crisis.

Many people do not even imagine, but the scenario above describes the job market in the area of ​​games in Brazil. Professional opportunities in the electronic games industry are booming. And those who think they are restricted to the technology area are mistaken.

With growth estimates above 10% for Latin America, the electronic games market is an example of those who left 2020 far from any crisis. On the contrary, the popularization of the internet and the ease of access have allowed games to become increasingly part of people's lives. And of course, Brazilians embraced this opportunity. Consequently, the expansion of the games market ends up attracting more investment and the search for specialized and passionate professionals in the area is also growing.

If you like games and are looking for a profession, this can be your great opportunity to turn your hours playing into a profession and earn money from a childhood passion. It looks like a dream, doesn't it? We list below 10 courses that require different skills for those who want to enter the area. Check out:

1. Digital Games

The Digital Games course enables students to develop games for different digital platforms. This course goes through all the stages of creating a game. From the script, the creation of characters and the digital scenario, to the strategies, processes and finalization of the games. It is a technologist course that can be taken in a year or two.

2. Game Design

Also working with design and creation, this professional develops games for entertainment, education, advertising and companies. He will be able to study market and target audience trends.

3. Graphic Design

This professional can be responsible for the visual identity of the games, creating the projects, scenarios and characters, making the visuals transform the most attractive gameplay for users. At the end of the course, the student will be a professional concerned with the shape, functional characteristics, structure and aesthetics of a product.

4. Software engineering

The software engineer can work with the development and online programming of games. Updates games to new models and adapts to different platforms. It identifies problems and opportunities, creates prototypes, validates new technologies and designs applications.

5. Information Technology

This professional can work on the product structure and team coordination. He is also one of those responsible for the creation, planning and optimization of the games. The technologist course lasts an average of two years.

6. Computer Science

The Computer Science course trains qualified professionals to develop computer programs and systems, from project planning to software implementation and management. The four-year-old computer scientist can use his knowledge to work with games.

7. Computer Engineering

Computer engineers are qualified to plan, develop and program software and hardware, and can take this knowledge to the gaming market. The training is longer, with an average duration of five years.

8. Marketing

The Marketing course trains professionals capable of detecting and taking advantage of market opportunities, designing and executing strategies to improve the image of a brand or product. For games, you must create strategies to deal with the public and attract players. The course lasts an average of four years.

9. Advertising

As an advertiser, the professional can devise strategies for the promotion of the brand and attractive content of the game. The Advertising and Propaganda course lasts four years.

10. Journalism

With the great expansion of e-sports, major broadcasters and sports portals began to broadcast events. Thus, coverage of tournaments and programs about video games are increasingly present in the grid of these channels. Journalists with an affinity for this subject can fit into this area.

If you have come this far, you already know the various course options for those who like games, you already know that fun can often become a profession.

Now it's up to you! Which of these options

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