About us

Welcome to Mundo Gamer Academy, one of the platforms that belong to the Mundo Gamer Network group.

Welcome to Mundo Gamer Academy, one of the platforms that belong to the Mundo Gamer Network group

The Mundo Gamer Academy seeks to inform the main events, coverage and news in the gaming segment by publishing news, reviews, trailers and much more. In addition to connecting gamers and companies from all over the world, we offer a bonus system to users for all activities carried out within the community through a credit system that can be used in exchange for products or services available on the platform. MGC has a complete WikiGamer created and updated daily by users and partners, informing the main events according to preference and respecting each person's privacy.

What can Mundo Gamer Academy offer you?


  • A complete Wikigamer with the main information about developers, development studios, games, characters, platforms and much more.
  • A wide variety of content developed by our team and the main gaming websites around the world..
  • System of exclusive rewards and promotions for users who are members of the Mundo Gamer Academy.
  • Personalized content feed according to your personal preferences.
  • Create, manage and publicize Communities, Events and Championships.

Studios and developers

  • Exclusive space on our Wikigamer, allowing visibility of your projects to our community.
  • Recommendations of new market trends and increased possibility of finding new partners or collaborators.
  • Receive qualified feedback from our selected 'Game Tester' level users.
  • Rewards system for each contribution made to the Mundo Gamer Academy.
  • Find qualified developers and add new ideas to your projects.


  • Business opportunities with the best professionals around the world.
  • Connect your fans on a dedicated gaming community platform and share your updates.
  • Connect your followers on a platform dedicated to the gaming community.
  • Visibility of your brand throughout the gaming community.
  • Present your team, products, videos and news.
  • Communication tools to boost your proposals.

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